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Falling in love feels new and exciting. It seems to overwhelm you as it completely dominates your heart and life. It is one of the most fulfilling experiences a man or woman can have. However, falling in love over again with the person you once loved also has the potential to thrill you and spring you forward on an exciting journey of discovery.

Rekindling a love that once was passionate is no less exciting, but it takes a little more effort than the discovery of new love. It requires that the partners develop an open attitude to relinquishing negative opinions and habits while embracing the opportunity to give of themselves in order to continue their journey. It requires a presence of self, a willingness to share feelings by discussing openly and communicating without rancor or negativity. It requires a method of resolving conflicts lovingly, with consideration for the partner’s perspective. Those behavioral tenets are necessary for any personal relationship, and couples’ counseling is a very effective forum in which to achieve those goals.

In effective couples’ therapy, partners improve in their ability to freely express themselves without endangering the relationship. Optimal communication allows each partner to recapture his/her individual pride and self esteem. Both individuals should be able to raise tough issues and voice their perceptions openly, lovingly, and respectfully. By helping both people recognize and respect each other’s emotional needs, thereby repaving the damaged communication highway, the therapist can help each person to see, love and understand his or her partner better.

With an effective counseling process, partners in a relationship learn how to love again with respect and consideration. And, even if, despite your best efforts, you and your partner separate, you will have gained valuable insight into what kept the two of you from reconciling. The counseling process will have provided you with the strength and wisdom to go on with your life with less pain and emotional damage.

Even in situations where only one partner feels the urge to try and save a relationship, there is hope. One partner’s work with an effective therapist can make a big difference. More often than not, the efforts of one can bring about good results for two. Love and motivation, processed in counseling, can move mountains.

If you are experiencing a relationship crisis, now is the time to begin the healing process, before irreversible decisions are made and life-long regrets are created. The love you once felt and shared, can be revived initially by one, but will require both of you, together, to strengthen and improve the relationship. Contacting a professional is the first step. True love doesn’t always go smoothly, but therapy can provide you with the tools to ride the waves of intimacy with the understanding that you are sharing the same boat.