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Over the four decades I’ve been in practice, I’ve helped many adults as well as adolescents find their own solutions to problems that prevent them from living happier, more fulfilling lives.

I’ve discovered that those who struggle with depression and loneliness, anxiety, addictive habits, relationship problems, and even physical illness, have great potential for learning new ways to navigate the turbulent waters of life.

I have been useful to couples and families who want to enhance their skills in communication. In doing so, they have gained satisfaction of their emotional needs and a sense of well-being. Too often, misunderstanding and conflict cast shadows over relationships which could be more loving, healthy, and enjoyable.

While many clients have improved their lives dramatically, working with me over several months, I also employ a brief, solution-focused method which most people are able to put to good use. Several decades of clinical experience have taught me that a collaborative approach, based on mutual respect, guided by professional expertise, makes for success over time.

What Clients Say

I am grateful for my time with Dr. Levy. With his guidance I’ve made profound discoveries about myself and what has brought me to where I am. I used to feel very isolated and ashamed of my situation, but Dr. Levy’s support and great insight into the human experience helped me let go of my general fears and anxieties. The road to joy can be arduous, but you want people like this on your side while you traverse it.S. C. (Irvine)


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